Medi-Scan / Contra-Scan

The quickest and most cost effective way to save your Restaurant, Laundry facility and Hospital money is here!

Meet the all new and improved Medi-Scan / Contri-Scan with the ability to save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in less than a minute.


General Features of the Medi-Scan


Easy to operate and maintain.

Microprocessor controlled with unique full surround detection sensor.

All Metal and stainless steel / ferrous discrimination programs.

adjustable sensitivity control.


Applications of the MediScan


Hospital and Medical Centers

Prisons, Jails, and Detention Centers

Plastic recycling  plants

Inexpensive way to scan laundry

Detect smuggled metal contraband in laundry, trash bags and parcels


Security Features of the MediScan

Detects smuggled metal contraband in laundry, trash bags and parcels

Detects unforeseen and accidental disposal of medical instruments during surgery

Detects accidental disposal of expensive silverware 

Can discriminate between small needles and copper wires making it possible to detect the larger more expensive items


losses are prevented by simply dropping biohazards trash bags through mediscan sensor. Surgical suite laundry is scanned the same way. The screening procedure is fast and easy. Mediscan alarms when a surgical instrument or tool passes through it. A variable sensitivity adjustment and advanced high discrimination microprocessor controlled electronics enable managing to specify the size and type of objects that must be detected, for example, the most commonly used discriminate mode detects stainless steel or ferrous objects only. this allows objects such as bulldog clips to be targeted while ignoring other metal objects such as aluminum sharps pouches and copper electrode wires, etc. A second control option permits all types of metal to be detected. This operating mode is useful when inspecting laundry.



User Selectable, all metal mode and ferrous metal only Discrimination mode!

The Mediscan loss prevention detector has been developed to lower hospital operating costs by preventing surgical instruments, tools, sensors and monitoring equipment discarded during surgical suite clean from being lost. Expensive reusable stainless steel instruments, often costing hundreds of dollars, are regularly discarded during cleaning. At many hospitals, the replacement costs alone excede thousands of dollars per year. Ranger developed the Mediscan to address this need.  It provides a fast, inexpensive method of scanning medical waste bags and is an excellent deterrent against employees who negligently discard equipment. Mediscan is also used to scan laundry for concealed metal objects and to prevent it from getting damaged or destroyed.



Dimensions, Weight, and Power Requirements


     Height: 34.5 inches (87.6 cm)

     Diameter: 30.5" inches (77.5 cm)


     Total Unit: 50 lbs (227 kg)

Power Requirements:

     110 / 220 VAC