Intelli-Scan 18-Zone


Intelli-Scan 18 Zone

The RSD IntelliScan 18 Zone revolutionized security metal detection screening and continues to set the standard for advanced technology metal detectors around the world.

     18 Independent Detection Zones

     Discrimination Mode Capable

     Factory & User Defined Presets

     Integrated Floor Mounting Boots

     Traffic Pacing Stop & Go Lights

     Illuminated Panel Alarm Displays

     180 Degree View Angle Panel LED's

     United States Patented Technology


General Features of the IntelliScan 18-Zone

18 Independent Detection Zones

Advanced Discrimination Capabilities

Security Level Program Factory Presets

User Programmable Processor

Digital Signal Processing and Diagnostics


Interference Rejection Circuitry

Adjustable Zone Sensitivity

Continuous Wave Technology

Harmless to Pacemakers and Pregnant Women

Bottom Header Control Access Panel

Key uses of the IntelliScan 18-Zone

Airports and Seaports

Government Buildings


Police Facilities

Court Houses

Prisons and Jails

Military Bases 



Financial Institutions

Colleges and Schools

Hotels and Casinos

Power Plants

Research Sites

Sports Stadiums

Public Transportation

Public Landmarks

Factories and Warehouses

Broadcast Studios


Night Clubs

Optional Features of the IntelliScan 18-Zone

RangerNet Network Software & Hardware

Wheel Kit for Easy Transportation or Relocation

Back-up Battery System

Fiber Optic Remote Display

Executive Styling Finish

Weather Proof Finish

Dimensions, Weight, and Power Requirements


hotel-icon-wheelchair-access-clip-art-red-white-hi  36 inch wide Headers available upon request

Shipping Dimensions and Weight


     Header: 34" x 11" x 25"     (85 x 27.5 x 62.5 cm)

     Side Panels: 91" x 9" x 27"     (227.5 x 22.5 x 67.5 cm)


     Header: 37lbs (15.45 kg)

     Side Panels: 144 lbs (65.45 kg)

Power Requirements: 
     115 - 230 VAC, 50 -60 Hz