IntelliScan Walk Through Security Metal Detectors

RSD's highly innovative approach in designing and manufacturing security scanners has led to many advancements in security metal detection technology. Employing sophisticated microprocessors and highly developed proprietary software RSD achieved levels of performance never before attained by conventional metal detectors. Recognized for our inventive ingenuity RSD has been awarded awarded United States and International Patents.



Advanced Target


The IntelliScan can operate in "All Metal Mode" or advanced "Discrimination Modes" Factory Presets and user programmable modes can target specific types of metals or alloys for enhanced security and loss prevention detection.

The Multi-Zone


In addition to showing the location of targeted objects, multi-zone detection increases other aspects of screening efficiency. It improves discrimination between weapons and harmless objects, reduces unwanted alarms and permits higher traffic flow rates. In high traffic locations this translates into lower operating and capital costs. It reduces the number of detections, personnel and the amount of real-estate needed per given number of people screened.

Proven Quality

and Reliability

For over 15 years RSD's Walk Through Metal Detectors have reliably protected lives and valuable properties world wide