B.O.S.S. II 5s


B.O.S.S II 5s is a fast reliable, simple to use, non-intrusive scanning system designed to detect small weapons or contraband metal objects concealed in abdominal cavity, recto vaginal cavity and shin area. high precision, non-contact, measurement sensors are housed in the frame of rugged baltic birch wood that is coated in RF resistant paint for improved EMI rejection. The sensors provide instantaneous, high sensitivity detection, most ferrous and nonferrous metals and alloys are detected.

B.O.S.S. II 5s is applicable for both law enforcement and loss prevention applications:

  • Prisons, Jails, and Detection Centers
  • Customs and Border Patrol Facilities
  • Precious metal mines and refineries
  • Jewelry and watch manufacturing industries
  • Electronic manufacturing


B.O.S.S II 5s contributes to a safe environment for officers and inmates in correctional facilities as it helps to prevent and deter the entry of weapons. inmates soon learn that objects such as razor blades, knife knives, shank, tools, handcuff keys, etc. will be detected security officer now have an alternative to the unpleasant task of conducting routine manual cavity searches and associated administrative work because the inspection is non contact issues that can arise from invasive searches are reduced.

More to follow, please come back soon.


BOSS-II-5s-display-LEDB.O.S.S II 5's alarm panel


B.O.S.S II 5s can also be be used in loss prevention applications.  it detects items such as gold shot, rings, watches and microelectronic components. Measurements of metal mass allow accurate comparative testing as people enter and exit a secure production area. More to follow, please come back and visit us soon.


Dimensions, Weight, and Power Requirement