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At RSD our entire product line can be summed up in four different categories, as you can see here. 

  • Our Walkthrough Metal Detectors “IntelliScan Line” are used in any environment where one would need to secure or track entry or exit to a location.
  • Our Body Orifice Scanners “B.O.S.S Chair Line” are used in areas where security is of the utmost importance and contraband or theft is a peril.

Our Medical Scanners "Medi-Scan Line” are used in areas where containers, trash bags, laundry bags or other items need to be scanned to avoid the loss of expensive medical equipment, restaurant equipment or precious items need to be kept protected from being lost or accidentally discarded.

Our HandHeld Metal Detectors are used as a close proximity and pinpointing tool to scan persons or items for contraband.

Body Orifice Scanners

Medical Scanners