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Located in El Paso Texas, RSD Security Scanners specializes in the development and manufacture of high efficiency metal detectors for weapon's screening and asset protection utilizing the latest cutting edge technology. We are a family owned and operated company that has been in the metal detection business since the early 1960's. We began with hobbyists and treasure adventurists, quickly expanding in to the Loss Prevention, Weapons Screening and Security Detection realm, paving the way for those who would follow behind us. We were the first and only ones to develop and Patent our most highly  sought after product to date the B.O.S.S. Chair. In this same manner we continue to lead the way in Security Detection. 

We started in the heart of the Southwest and have been nestled here since then, continuously giving back to the community we have grown around, and yet never moving our business outside of the U.S.  we are proud to say that we are truly "Made In America". 

A company you can trust!

RSD Security Scanners provides the most dependable products in the security industry. Our detectors are used throughout the world and protect a diverse range of people from Heads-of-State to everyday children attending schools around the world. They are used to protect some of the worlds most sensitive security sites. Many of the world's most recognizable Militaries, Governments, and Corporate entities have chosen RSD Security Scanners for their security needs.


El Paso is a jewel in the desert. Nestled between the rugged Franklin Mountains and the historic Rio Grande, this dynamic border community combines the advantages of a major metropolitan center with the ambience and neighborly charm of a modern western town. Three states, two countries, one culture: El Paso, Texas.